Build a Website

GetInvolved, Orgsync, and AFS

Spring 2017

All engineering student organizations are required to register in Campus Labs CollegiateLink at the campus GetInvolved! site. That registration should be done by the President or principal officer of the organization. Any student can create a Profile in CollegiateLink at and then search and join organizations.

Important Information for 2016-17!

AFS lockers used to provide space for websites in the past, but engineering student organizations should now use GetInvolved (Campus Labs CollegiateLink), Campus Labs Orgsync, Google sites,, or a combination of these and possibly other social networking platforms.

Consult for these and other ways to get a website.

3/1/2016: Leeds Equity and Campus Labs have acquired Orgsync and iModules, which likely will lead to greater integration of these tools on campus.

Contact for assistance.


North Carolina State University