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OpenDesign Lab

The goal of the OpenDesign Lab is to provide an environment for undergraduate students where individuals or groups can design, build, and test their ideas. There are no required courses, degrees of study, or other acadmic requirements. The only requirement is that you are an enrolled student at NC State University. We have basic equipment that any member can use including oscilloscopes, soldering irons, power supplies standard function generators and a GSM capable function generator.

If you would like more information please visit out Info page, or feel free to contact one of the Lead Designers or Advisors or stop by the lab.

So the question remains: What will you invent today?

How to join

To join you need to stop by the lab for a safety demo and a soldering/equipment test. You also need to fill out the membership agreement. We will try to keep the calendar below populated with the lab hours of out Lead Designers so you can stop by.