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"Beyond Scalar Affinities for Network Analysis" by Amit Singer, Ph.D.

Posted By IEEE, 4/22/2015

Abstract: The popular representation of datasets and networks as undirected weighted graphs is instrumental for many purposes such as clustering, dimensionality reduction, semi-supervised learning, and more. In this talk we will explore several instances in which endowing the edges with vectors or transformations is beneficial for certain applications in computer vision, structural biology, and manifold learning.  Bio:   Amit Singer is a Professor of Mathematics and a member of the Executive Committee of the Program in Applied and Computational Mathematics (PACM) at Princeton University.… read more

2015 Update on Orgsync, CollegiateLink and AFS

Posted By Student Orgs, 1/15/2015

All engineering student organizations are required to register in the CollegiateLink software at the campus Get Involved! site. That registration… read more

Summer 2015 Internship Opportunity: NC Space Grant/LORD Corporation Summer Internship Program

Posted By Student Orgs, 11/17/2014

The NC Space Grant/ LORD Corporation Summer Internship Program provides undergraduate/graduate students with a 10-week industry research experience.… read more

Changes for Fall 2014: Orgsync, CollegiateLink and AFS

Posted By Student Orgs, 8/19/2014

The NCSU Division of Student Affairs (DASA) terminated its license for Orgsync on July 31 and replaced it with CollegiateLink and Beacon from CampusLabs.… read more

NCSU Gets Top Award for Economic Impact

Posted By Student Orgs, 8/4/2014

NC State has made a name for itself as an innovative university that creates economic prosperity; and now it’s been officially recognized for it. APLU,… read more

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