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What is E-Council?
The Engineers' Council (E-council) is the umbrella organization for all of the undergraduate student organizations within the college of engineering. Working closely with the College of Engineering administration in Page Hall, one of our main objectives is to make the student experience as enjoyable and productive as possible, through the following:

  • Planning, hosting, and executing big events for engineering students (E-Week, WBB, State of the College, volunteering for the Engineering Career Fair)
  • Appropriating around $18,000 to engineering student organizations each year
  • Working with the COE administration to uncover students' concerns and needs and to help see them addressed
Who are E-council's members?
  • One student representative from each of the 12 engineering departments (Department Reps.)
  • Four engineering student leaders on the Executive Board
  • Student committee heads for the various E-council committees
  • "Members at large" or members who have met the requirements to become voting members
  • Additional members on their way to becoming members at large
What meetings are regularly held?
  • A "General Assembly" meeting is held once a month for all E-council members (where we discuss general E-council business)
  • Committee meetings are held twice a month, and this is where most of the planning and work gets done.
  • A "President's Round Table" meeting (PRT) is held once a semester, where the president or a representative from each engineering student organization gathers to discuss issues, inform other groups about events and opportunities, and to learn how to improve their organization within the College of Engineering
Questions or Comments? Email: E-council