Meet Your Ambassadors

  • Brian Koehler  (Admin)
    Director, Student Engagement: Engineering-Academic Affairs

    To continually challenge and promote some of the best student leaders, here at NC State, to serve the College of Engineering and nation. Earned B.S. Civil Engineering…

  • Laura Ling  (Admin)
    University Program Associate: Engineering-Academic Affairs

    Laura is a proud alum who helps lead the Engineering Ambassador Program. Her degrees are in Management and Communication. She's an NC native and her daughter is a…

  • Savannah Abel
    Sophomore: Industrial Engineering

  • Liv Adams
    Junior: Industrial Engineering

    Hi! I'm Olivia "Liv" Adams. I'm a junior here studying Industrial and Systems engineering with a minor in Statistics. I'm passionate about products and processes, particularly when it comes to…

  • Jasmin Alsaied
    Senior: Nuclear Engineering

    Hello! I am currently a junior in Nuclear Engineering, minoring in math. I am currently the president of Women in Nuclear and am a midshipmen in Naval ROTC. I am…

  • Savannah Arnette
    Junior: Computer Science

    Hello! I'm Savannah Arnette and I'm a sophomore here at NC State studying Computer Science. I plan to go into NC State's unique Game Design concentration in my junior year.…

  • Brinnae Bent
    Senior: Biomedical Engineering

    I am a junior in Biomedical Engineering with minors in Nanotechnology and Biological Sciences. In addition to being an EA, I am a research fellow with the NSF ASSIST…

  • Eric Beppler
    Junior: Electrical Engineering

    Eric is a Sophomore ins Electrical and Computer Engineering and an interest in wearable sensors and systems. Eric is conducting undergraduate research with the NSF ASSIST Center on campus. Eric…

  • Steven Bigelow
    Senior: Biomedical Engineering

    Hello! I am a Junior majoring in Biomechanical Engineering and minoring in Business Administration! I am a leader for the university's international service trip to Nicaragua this year,…

  • Hunter Bomba
    Junior: Biomedical Engineering

    Hey! My name is Hunter, and I am a sophomore in Biomedical Engineering. I grew up in Johnstown, Pennsylvania and moved to North Carolina to attend college. I am passionate…

  • Meredith Bullard
    Junior: Civil Engineering

    My name is Meredith and I am a sophomore in Civil Engineering from Garner, NC. Along with serving as an Engineering Ambassador, I am involved in Cru (Campus Crusade) and…

  • Margaret Buschmann
    Senior: Nuclear Engineering

    Hi ! I am a sophomore here at NC State from Upstate New York. I am majoring in Nuclear Engineering and hope to one day be in the U.S. Navy.…

  • Lilah Conley
    Junior: Industrial Engineering

    Hello! I am a junior in Industrial and Systems Engineering and minoring in German. I am from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I spend my time staying busy in the Engineering community, running…

  • Joseph Cope
    Senior: Nuclear Engineering

    My name is Joseph and I am a Junior in Nuclear Engineering from High Point, NC. On campus, I am actively involved in Cru (Campus Crusade) and Engineering Outreach. Feel…

  • Spencer Cosgrove
    Senior: Mechanical Engineering

  • Rizwan Dard
    Senior: Biomedical Engineering

  • Dominique Dilandro
    Junior: Bs-Biological Engr - Enviro Engr Concent

    I'm currently a Sophomore in Biological & Agricultural Engineering with an Environmental Engineering concentration. After graduation I am hoping to find a job helping restore damaged ecosystems. Some of my…

  • Marie Erickson
    Senior: Industrial Engineering

    I am a Junior in Industrial Engineering and have minors in Business and Non-Profit Studies. I stay very busy in college as a member of Pi Beta Phi Sorority,…

  • Kobi Felton
    Sophomore: Chemical Engineering

    I am excited to be an EA! I am a sophomore in chemical engineering with an interest in operations research. My goal is to do research in chemical engineering using…

  • Iman Fisher
    Sophomore: Engineering First Year

  • Madeleine Fleming
    Junior: Industrial Engineering

    Hello! My name is Maddie Fleming and I am a sophomore in Industrial and Systems Engineering from Elon, North Carolina. I have been apart of multiple organizations on campus such…

  • Lauren Forbis
    Junior: Civil Engineering

  • Jennifer Frix
    Senior: Industrial Engineering

  • Jessica Gomez
    Sophomore: Mechanical Engineering

  • Zack Goodman
    Senior: Mechanical Engineering

    Greetings! My name is Zack and I am studying Mechanical Engineering and Economics and am originally from Salisbury, Maryland. I love everything about NC State from our high-tech…

  • Marissa Grisham
    Senior: Industrial Engineering

    I am a Senior in Industrial and Systems Engineering with a Spanish Minor from Monroe, NC. I have a passion for manufacturing and community K-12 Outreach! Throughout my…

  • Kalene Hanson
    Senior: Industrial Engineering

    I'm a junior in Industrial and Systems Engineering, and I love the Wolfpack! I've spent two years marching with the band, and football games are the best! I devote a…

  • Gregory Hauser
    Junior: Materials Science And Engineering

    I am a sophomore in Materials Science and Engineering, and a new EA this year! I've held one internship with Metallurgical Technologies Inc. in my hometown of Mooresville, N.C.…

  • Donnielle Jones
    Sophomore: Chemical Engineering

    Hello! I am Donnielle Jones, a sophomore in chemical engineering with a concentration in biomanufactauring sciences from Houston Texas. I am also a resident in the Women in Science…

  • Nicola Kelfkens
    Junior: Chemical Engineering

  • Matt Keyes
    Junior: B S - Elec (RENEWABLE Elec Energy)

    Hello! My name is Matt Keyes and I am a Junior in Electrical Engineering from Charlotte, NC. I have completed two co-op rotations in Duke Energy's Transmission Engineering…

  • Lauren Kingston
    Senior: Bs-Biological Engr - Bioproc Engr Concen

    Hey all! My name is Lauren Kingston and I am a senior in Biological Engineering, bioprocessing concentration, from Charlotte, North Carolina. I love being apart of the Engineering Ambassador team…

  • Nicholas Latz
    Sophomore: Chemical Engineering

  • Veronica Lavelle
    Sophomore: Biomedical Engineering

  • Cameron Lisy
    Senior: Industrial Engineering

    I am a Junior in Industrial and Systems Engineering and am always looking for opportunities to make an impact here at NC State through our ambassador program. I hope to…

  • Manon Macallister
    Sophomore: Paper Science And Engineering

  • Charlotte Mader
    Junior: Mechanical Engineering

  • Anjali Mani
    Junior: Industrial Engineering

    As an Industrial and Systems Engineering student, my interests span from manufacturing to supply chain management and logistics. NC State continues to give me opportunities that drives achievement and progress…

  • Kallie Mingay
    Senior: Materials Science And Engineering

    Hey, y'all! My name is Kallie Mingay, and I am a Sophomore in the MSE Department! I was born and raised in "famously hot" Columbia, SC and came to State…

  • Neelam Modi
    Junior: Biomedical Engineering

    Hello! My name is Neelam and I am a sophomore studying Biomedical Engineering and Economics originally from Delaware. On campus, I am involved with the Engineering Career Fair, University Honors…

  • Arianna Nasser
    Senior: Biomedical Engineering

    I'm a junior in Biomedical Engineering at NCSU from Wilmington, NC. I also serve in NC State Student Senate as Chair of Tuition and Fees and I'm extremely passionate about…

  • Tolu Oyelowo
    Senior: Biomedical Engineering

    Greetings! I am Tolu Oyelowo, a Junior in Biomedical Engineering from Wake Forest, NC. I love being active in the College of Engineering and with general campus involvement. Besides serving…

  • Sriharsha Pinnamaraju
    Junior: Biomedical Engineering

  • Melissa Pressley
    Senior: Industrial Engineering

    I'm a junior in industrial and systems engineering from Statesville, NC. I love being an Engineering Ambassador because I get to interact with freshmen and seniors and give back…

  • Alberto Quiroga
    Sophomore: Engineering First Year

  • Alexander Rackl
    Senior: Aerospace Engineering

    Hello! I'm a senior majoring in Aerospace Engineering from Pinehurst, NC. In addition to being an Engineering Ambassador, I have worked as a Co-op Engineer with American Airlines and am…

  • Taufik Raharjo
    Senior: Materials Science And Engineering

    Hi! My name is Taufik and I'm a Junior in Materials Science & Engineering who hails from Wilmington, NC and bleeds Wolfpack Red. My career aspiration involves thwarting the global…

  • Michaela Rikard
    Senior: Biomedical Engineering

    This is my second year as an Engineering Ambassador and I love it more and more each day! I enjoy talking to prospective students and incoming freshman, helping guide them…

  • Sarah Rogers
    Senior: Industrial Engineering

    I am a Junior in Industrial and Systems Engineering from Waynesville, NC. My special interests within the department include practice efficiency and quality control.I stay busy outside the classroom working…

  • Jeremy Shine
    Senior: Mechanical Engineering

    I am a senior from Concord, NC studying Mechanical Engineering. I have had the great opportunity to participate in the co-op program with the Kimberly-Clark Corporation while in school.…

  • Lauryn Suchy
    Senior: Mechanical Engineering

    Hi there, I am a junior in the mechanical engineering department. I came to State from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and it was one of the best decisions of my life! …

  • Hannah Wetmore
    Senior: Industrial Engineering

    Greetings! I am an Industrial Engineering student interested in processes and systems involving people. I have interned with Corning Incorporated, Disney Parks and Resorts, and the Duke University Health System.…

  • Paul Whitley
    Senior: Industrial Engineering

    Hello! My name is Paul Whitley, and I am a junior in Industrial and Systems enrolled in the Accelerated Masters Program. In the program, my specialties include manufacturing and supply…

  • Mackenzie Williams
    Senior: Chemical Engineering

    I am a rising junior majoring in Chemical Engineering with a double minor in biomanufacturing and genetics. On campus I am involved in the Scholars Program, undergraduate research, Engineer's Council,…

  • Adrienne Williams
    Junior: Biomedical Engineering

    Hello everyone! My name is Adrienne and I am a sophomore in Biomedical Engineering. Originally from Atlanta, Georgia I am involved in the National Society of Black Engineers, University Scholars…

  • John Wright
    Senior: Chemical Engineering

    My name is John Wright, but I prefer to go by Trey. Originally from Greensboro, NC I am a Senior in Chemical Engineering with a minor in Biology and Biotechnology.…

  • Bill Zhou

    Hello,Everyone! I am Bill, and I am an international sophomore in Electrical Engineering. I really appreciate College of Engineering and the Engineering Ambassadors program giving me opportunities to be involved…